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Rhonda Forlaw Adkins has helped artists and industry executives make their dreams come true for over three decades; many in Nashville refer to her as “The Starchitect” ™: a builder of dreams who harnesses the magic that appears when talent, opportunity and stardust converge. She has successfully run national marketing campaigns for major-label artists as well as pioneered new avenues of press communication. 

After a remarkable career of guiding talents to success in Music City, she founded Rhonda & Company in 2019. Since starting Rhonda & Company, a boutique entertainment consulting agency, Rhonda and her team have branched out beyond artist development and into avenues such as branding, social media management, tour logistics, and regional special event booking to provide artists, creatives, and businesses with the tools needed to propel their careers to new heights. 

Rhonda is a proud member of The Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, Women’s Music Business Association, and SOURCE Nashville.

Featured Clients

Storme Warren, known for his 40 years in television and radio broadcasting, is bringing his long running podcast, Exit 209: The Stories Behind the Songs to The Twelve Thirty Club on Broadway in downtown Nashville.  Currently, Warren hosts the morning show and The Big 20 Countdown on “The BIG 615,” which is the flagship channel on the SEVENS network on TuneIn. Prior to the Big 615, Warren hosted SiriusXM’s The Highway’s morning show, The Hot 30 Countdown, was the host and executive producer of the GAC news magazine show Headline Country, and currently hosts music festivals and events around the globe.

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Exit 209

Six Pack Coverage is notorious for the spectacular events they put on at their 48 collegiate chapters and has been hailed as a “Baby Barstool [Sports]”. Seeing a star in the making, Rhonda & Company has partnered with Six Pack to bring you only the best and most up-to-date information on all things food/travel, fitness, finance, entertainment, college, and sports through the use of social media, blogs, live events, and podcasts.

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Six Pack Coverage

Need a one of a kind space to record your next album, write your next hit, or rehearse for your next sold-out show? Stardust Studios is ready to accommodate you and your musical needs. This rehearsal space and studio is built on the belief that the best stars have just a little bit of stardust and the right people to bring that out of them. Stardust Studios is here to shine a light on that stardust as best we can and help you on your way to success. Email for rates and availability. We also provide video & photo shoot locations for rent! Click the button below to see our gorgeous offerings and book today.

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Stardust Studios

Production Technology Partners, LLC, better known as PTP Live, specializes in crafting unforgettable experiences through the art of lighting and LED video wall installations. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, PTP Live brings dynamic energy to live events of all scales – from electrifying tours and vibrant festivals to sophisticated corporate gatherings. Rhonda & Company will be supporting their endeavors through social media content creation along with a specially curated strategy for managing their social media channels.

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PTP Live

Gone Country Hats

Gone Country Hats is a family operation founded and operated by Keith and Judy Kowatch. The couple started off manufacturing neon lights for cars and trucks before getting into the cowboy hat business. Based out of Orlando, Gone Country Hats designs and produces all of their own hats and distributes them through festival pop-ups, retail stores, and their online shop. Their success can be attributed to their business philosophy: ‘The only thing that is important to us is what's important to you.’

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Gone Country Hats

DUANE is admired for its leading technology, experienced crew, and innovative ideas. From providing the sound and stage of NASCAR races to running the production of corporate events, DUANE has an expert grip on everything live production. Rhonda & Company is aiding them in developing a killer social presence through the use of photography & videography production, editing, and posting. With a dedicated team of social media experts, we are giving DUANE a leg up on the competition.

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Women's Music Business Association (WMBA) is an exclusive professional organization dedicated to fostering opportunities for women within the music business through education, networking, industry involvement, community service, and organizational fellowship. Rhonda & Company has volunteered to amplify their reach and awareness through a catered social media campaign aimed at promoting the next-generation of female leaders in the music industry.

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All Wheels Up’s mission is to increase awareness for safer and more dignified accessible air travel through research and advocacy. Rhonda & Company is honored to be able to work with All Wheels Up to bolster awareness of a common issue in flight travel. Read more about their journey through the link below!

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All Wheels Up